Go Set a Watchman Is an Instant Hit

It had quite a debut.

Go Set a Watchman, the first book from Harper Lee in more than 50 years, is an instant hit. According to publisher HarperCollins, 1.1 million copies of Watchman sold in the first week. That number includes print, digital and audio sales.

The fact that Watchman’s debut made the Internet vomit think pieces—should the book have been published, why does Atticus Finch suck now, etc—likely helped move copies.

Whatever your feelings on the book are, HarperCollins is obviously happy.

“Bringing this book to market has been an amazing effort by thousands of people — from our publishing teams to booksellers large and small,” Harper Collins president and CEO Brian Murray told the New York Post. “We are thrilled to see readers respond to this historic new work from an iconic author like Harper Lee.”