Land A Cover Story With Your Weekend Getaways

When you’re jetting off for the long holiday weekend, remember the stories and places you come across — they could land you a cover story.

GO, the award-winning in-flight magazine for Airtran, is seeking in-depth travel pieces on markets that are less-covered. “We want to inspire really interesting ways of seeing different places,” said Jaime Lowe, GO‘s executive editor. “We want as many people as possible to get excited about learning about other communities, being surrounded by new experiences and pushing themselves, through travel.”

While most mags advise new writers to break in through smaller, front- or back-of-book stories, GO has a meaty feature well that’s ripe for the pitchin’ — even for first-time freelancers. “We’re always looking for new writers with great stories,” said Lowe. “A great idea always wins. If there’s an excellent travel narrative, we’ll assign it.”

For more details on breaking in, read How To Pitch: GO.

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