Go Home Congress, You’re Drunk

Capitol Police tell Congress: no more drunken 4th of July parties.

It’s no secret some politicians party like fratstars.

With all the events, galas and fundraisers, it’s almost unavoidable. But it’s time for Congress to tone it down a bit, according to campus… I mean Capitol Hill police.

In a letter obtained by CNN, Capitol Hill officials have made it known that they are concerned about the “out of control” and “potentially dangerous” 4th of July and Memorial Day parties hosted at the Capitol Building.

“The enormous growth in the sheer number of people inside the Capitol on the evening of both concerts has made enforcement of the basic rules of decorum extremely difficult to manage or enforce,” states the letter, addressed to Speaker John Boehner, Majority Leader Mitch McConnell and Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi. “It is especially difficult to monitor and enforce restrictions on the House floor, private hallways and leadership and committee offices. Due to the large number of unescorted guests inside the Capitol, it is virtually impossible for Capitol Police to maintain the integrity of all private areas and offices within the building.”

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Also, watch video below. Courtesy of CNN.