Go for the turkey with Rocka Bowling 3D

Rocka Bowling 3D Games, developed by Best, Cool & Fun Games (apparently trading under the memorable moniker “Best 3D Bowling Game Arcade, Action & Sports Free Game – Flick Ball Online Multiplayer! A Ten 10 pins best game for Kids! The sudoku Puzzle Free Games! Bowling Games! Funny Cool Fun Free Apps! Free App Creation Company” according to the App Store listing) is a new iOS-based free-to-play bowling simulation. It’s available now as a Universal download from the App Store.

Rocka Bowling allows between one and six local players to compete in a ten-pin bowling match of either three or ten frames. Despite the developer’s assertion in its “name,” the game does not appear to feature online multiplayer of any description, nor indeed does it offer any support for services such as Game Center for leaderboard or achievement tracking — but then, there’s no Sudoku in the game, either.

The game’s control scheme is simple and well-tuned for the touchscreen. Placing a finger on the screen and pulling back lifts the bowling ball up, then sliding the same finger forwards bowls the ball down the lane. It’s possible to curve the ball’s trajectory by curving the forward stroke, allowing for complex shots to be performed using the touchscreen. The controls work well, with the only issue being accidental taps on the ad at the bottom of the screen — though this may be removed with any in-app purchase.

Visuals are good quality, featuring realistic physics on the pins and some attractive reflection effects on the background. Animation is fast and smooth and doesn’t waste time with unnecessary showboating cutscenes, allowing players to get through a full ten-frame game relatively quickly. Sounds, too, are authentic and atmospheric, and the menu screens feature 1950s-style rock and roll music in the background.

The game monetizes through in-app purchase of its “coins” currency, which are also earned in small quantities following each completed game. These may be used to purchase new styles of bowling balls, pins and alleys, new songs for the menu screen and temporary bumpers to prevent the ball falling down the gutter. Players may also purchase a “bumper mode” and gold-colored “straight ballas” pins for $0.99 each — the former is a beginners’ mode with permanent bumpers in the gutters, while the latter provides a 10% chance of gold pins appearing and doubling a player’s coin bonus for the game. Finally, a $19.99 “Deluxe Pack” purchase includes all of the game’s unlockable content except the “straight ballas” pins.

Rocka Bowling is a decent game that will be good for groups of friends to play together, though the lack of online or social play is disappointing. There are a few other issues, too: it is a little frustrating when the advertising gets in the way of the gameplay, though it may be removed with any in-app purchase. The sheer length of the game’s full title (“Rocka Bowling 3D Free Games”) doesn’t fit well on the iOS home screen (appearing as “Rocka…ames” with a fairly nondescript icon on the iPhone). And there’s no link to the developer’s website either within the app itself or on the App Store page — the “support” link simply takes users to AppAdvice.com rather than the developer’s official site.

Rocka Bowling is currently ranked at No. 299 in Top Free Apps, No. 238 in Top Free iPad Apps, No. 97 in Top Free Games and No. 93 in Top Free iPad Games. Follow its progress through the App Store charts with AppData, our tracking service for iOS and social games and developers.