Go FISHn for the Weekend

GoFISHnLogo.jpgFacebook members who have been fishing for a place to discuss their hobby can cast their lines in the direction of Go FISHn, which uses Facebook Connect to enable members of the social-networking site to share fishing stories, ask fishing professionals and the community questions and review gear, TechCrunch reported.

Members can add fishing-related status updates and post blog-length stories, photos and videos to their data streams, which can be shared via Go FISHn, Facebook and Twitter, according to TechCrunch. Guides, charters, outfitters, lodges and other small businesses can also have their own version of fan pages to connect with potential customers.

Go FISHn also has a review section, which anyone can contribute to, and a database of some 100,000 fish species, lakes, rivers, pieces of fishing gear, guides and outfitters, TechCrunch reported.

Go FISHn was launched by Ned Desmond, who told TechCrunch:

Nobody has done a good job in enthusiast sites. I think a mass audience is the ability to address a lot of niches within a category.

People fish for the challenge, but also for the companionship. There has to be big enthusiasm, lots of small businesses and a narrative that attaches to it in a daily, ongoing way.