Go Fig: The American Conservative to Host Relaunch Party Tonight

The American Conservative, a publication founded by Pat Buchanan (remember him?), Scott McConnell and Taki Theodoracopulos, is hosting a relaunch party tonight at a suite on the Washington Harbour.

The publication is published by The American Ideas Institute, a non-profit, non partisan organization based in Washington. At the moment, a current fave on the site is headlined “Gay. Mormon. Unicorn.” The post is about a Mormon therapist fantastically named Josh Weed, a happily married gay man who is wed to a woman (insert obvious has he been smoking weed? joke here].

Wow… this is riveting stuff and we’re not even joking. Absolute best lines:

“I have never been turned on by a Victoria’s Secret commercial in my entire life. … In my case, I am attracted sexually to men. Period. Yet my marriage is wonderful, and Lolly and I have an extremely healthy and robust sex life. How can this be?”

All we can say here is go Lolly! You must be quite a manful of woman. The gay Mormon therapist goes on to talk about how when sex is done right “at its deepest level” it’s about intimacy, not lust, passion and visual attraction. More exceptional lines:

“In a weird way, the circumstances of our marriage allowed us to build a sexual relationship that is based on everything partners should want in their sex-life: intimacy, communication, genuine love and affection. This has resulted in us having a better sex life than most people I personally know. Most of whom are straight. Go fig.”

Go fig? Is Mr. Weed serious?

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The Editor of The American Conservative is Daniel McCarthy, the Senior Editor is Mark Nugent and the Associate Editor is Jordan Bloom. Associate Publisher Jon Basil Utley and his wife are hosting tonight’s festivities.