GNC Sued for Selling Dangerous Stimulants as ‘Dietary Supplements’

We never knew quite what to make of the apparently massive “dietary supplements” industry. Whenever we saw huge dudes in the gym drinking some mysterious fluid out of a bottle we wondered: what the hell is in there? Turns out it may well have been a combination of amphetamines and caffeine that was designed to help builders “gained mass like never before” but often leads to high blood pressure, elevated heart rates, heart attacks…and death. Despite federal regulations insisting that supplements only contain “natural” ingredients, the key ingredient in these offending products was developed “as an inhaled drug for nasal congestion in the 1940s.”

Two American military men and a British marathoner recently died of heart failure after consuming GNC‘s “Jack3d” supplement (yes, that’s how they spell it), and now one of the soldiers’ families has filed a wrongful death suit against the store and USPLabs, the company that makes the stuff.

GNC has been through this before–and last time they fought back hard, filing defamation suits. We can’t recommend that course now. The FDA shares blame for not properly regulating the stuff, but the entire industry is built on promises that disappear under scrutiny like so much protein powder.

The Springfield Nutrition Center’s cashier famously told Homer Simpson that he was “Lucky…this stuff doesn’t work”. But “Jack3d” may have worked a little too well.