GM’s Own Video Claims Its Recalled Cars Are Safe to Drive

Here’s another development in the corporate world’s biggest ongoing damage control campaign: according to GM’s own tests and accompanying video, released this morning on its unfortunately named content site “FastLane”, affected vehicles are totally safe to drive before being repaired…as long as drivers remember a series of dos and don’ts.

Here VP of global vehicle safety Jeff Boyer, who the company named to the newly created position less than two months ago to help manage the crisis, explains:

Looks good, but that was a long list of qualifiers…

While the clip showcases the sort of production values you’d expect from a company as big as GM, it’s clearly aimed at those directly affected by the recall, hence the repetition of points about key rings and gear shifts when parking.

The page also links directly to the customer service site established to address complaints by affected parties.

Looks like GM has crossed its t’s and dotted its i’s, though we have to wonder how much this effort will downplay the ongoing headlines.

What do we think: good case study in CSR content creation or well-made smokescreen?