Gmail’s April Fools’ Joke Causes Many Users to Send Inappropriately Goofy Messages

'Mic Drop' may have cost one person a job


Google's April Fools' Day joke went awry and may have cost someone a job.  

Next to the "Reply" button in Gmail, the digital giant added a "Mic Drop" button, which let users reply to emails, archive the message and add a GIF of the Despicable Me cartoon's well-known minion character dropping a mic to the outgoing missive. The feature evidently went live at midnight ET. 

"Email's great, but sometimes you just wanna hit the eject button," the Mountain View, Calif.-based company initially explained in a cheeky blog post. "Like those heated threads at work, when everyone's wrong except you (obviously). Or those times when someone's seeking group approval, but your opinion is the only one that matters (amirite?). Or maybe you just nailed it, and there's nothing more to say (bam)."

But then Google pulled the joke when it realized that it was too easy to accidentally hit the Mic Drop button. The company has since apologized: "Well, it looks like we pranked ourselves this year. Due to a bug, the Mic Drop feature inadvertently caused more headaches than laughs. We're truly sorry. The feature has been turned off. If you are still seeing it, please reload your Gmail page."

Countless people sent the goofy GIFs with messages of all kinds of contexts—including serious ones. Visitors to Google's product forums protested intensely before Google reversed course. 

What's more, a person identified as Alan Pashby on one of the forums claims he lost a job opportunity thanks to the silliness. Here is his post about what apparently happened to him today:

Thanks to Mic Drop I just lost my job. I am a writer and had a deadline to meet. I sent my articles to my boss and never heard back from her. I inadvertently sent the email using the "Mic Drop" send button.There were corrections that needed to be made on my articles and I never received her replies. My boss took offense to the Mic Drop animation and assumed that I didn't reply to her because I thought her input was petty (hence the Mic Drop). I just woke up to a very angry voicemail from her which is how I found out about this "hilarious" prank.

Below are a few Twitter reactions to the fiasco:

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