GMA Without ‘Dad’


So we watched the first segment of Good Morning America this morning with a special eye to how it would look without Charlie Gibson, and we have to say it would’ve seemed incomplete without his calming presence sandwiched between Robin Roberts and Diane Sawyer on the couch.

Diane’s a force of nature, and Robin’s an amazing multi-talent, but Charlie’s kind of the dad that makes them work well together. Which also brings to mind the comments from another network’s mucky-muck to us privately, who said they’re ecstatic over Charlie’s ascension to the World News Tonight throne because now they’ll have all the right demographics, not WNT.

We know Charlie’s technically a baby boomer, but that demo’s getting older by the second — Geezer Jock not withstanding. Unless the folks who advertisers want to reach through the evening news are also the ones who voted for the gray-haired American Idol, we can’t believe a guy who has at least a slight case of the shakes, that many facial lines, bifocals and graying hair will really overcome Katie and Brian. Maybe, if it’s all about quality and not age. Hey, look at Bob Schieffer. Stranger things have happened.

Like maybe Elizabeth Vargas replacing Diane if Diane leaves?