GM Back to ‘We Need Better Design!’


Not to say that we wrote these same two stories back in February, but we wrote these two stories back in February. Both are about GM‘s decision to get back to being serious about car design, from the inside-out. The first comes from BusinessWeek, “Putting Designers in the Driver’s Seat,” which has a lot to do with new Chairman Robert Lutz trying to shake things up at the struggling company and have them care more about what the cars look like, which, ahem, we wrote about when we talked with him back in February. The second, Forbes“Beauty is Finally on the Inside at GM” talks about pretty much the same thing, but interviews Ed Welburn, the company’s Sr. VP of Global Design, and focuses on their car’s interiors. We also spoke with Welburn back when, but we were pulled away for another interview at the Chicago Auto Show, so we wound up just working his comments into other sections. With either though, we don’t want to detract you from reading them. Both are really great reads. It’s just interesting to see this stuff starting to come out in the non-car-press mainstream months later. Maybe they were just testing which material would play well on the blogs and then hit the major media with that stuff?