GM Attempts to Reconnect with Buyers by Answering Complaints on Facebook, Other Sites

In the case of your General Motors car or truck, if you don’t have anything nice to say about it, you may want to say it on Facebook. The financially rescued auto maker has recently set up a new customer service team to devote special attention to what people are saying about the brand on Facebook, Twitter and other social networks.

GM also plans to increase its social media team, which currently consists of 5 members devoted solely to scouring the internet for GM-related chatter, doubling the group by the end of April, according to a recent article by the Detroit Free Press.

This new online damage-control division of GM customer service isn’t just collecting data, but actually interacting with customers who may have specific complaints about their cars or trucks. The General Motors Facebook page has a few more than 121,000 fans, but there doesn’t seem to have been too much recent activity in terms numbers increasing or decreasing. Most of the work has been on GM’s end, with its new service agents seeking out where and how the brand’s customers are talking about the automobiles.

A lot of the conversations are taking place on Twitter, and the customer service team appears to be focusing most of their efforts addressing the dialogue in that forum. There are plenty of negative comments and discussion on General Motors’ fan page, but the company has yet to participate in one of the discussions. There are plenty of other fans chiming in to defend the brand when someone poses a complaint, but none have revealed themselves to be on the GM payroll.

But as the company plans more expansion, expect it to get more involved on Facebook.