GM and LAT back 2getha

General Motors has ended its no-corporate-advertising-in-the-LAT policy after what Martha Goldstein LAT calls “productive conversations between the two troubled entities. Reports the LAT:

Times spokeswoman Martha Goldstein said Monday that the paper has “had productive conversations with GM, and while we didn’t see the need to run a correction, we listened to their concerns.” She declined to comment on the financial cost to the paper of the lost GM advertising.

GM spokesman Brian Akre said the automaker and Times executives “have respectfully agreed to disagree on some of the issues” that caused the rift. “We appreciate [The Times’] ongoing willingness to listen.”

Akre said the decision to resume advertising was made by GM’s Western region manager, Michael Jackson, “in line with our current newspaper strategy for the region.”

On Monday, the automaker ran a full-page ad trumpeting its 2006 Pontiac Solstice roadster.

Congratulations to both parties for working out their differences! I look forward to absorbing many future GM ad impressions in the LAT and maybe thus someday purchasing a GM vehicle, even though I’m not really in their demo.