Former FishbowlNY Editor on Jumping Off the Career Ladder

From April 2008 through April 2009, Glynnis MacNicol (pictured) was a co-editor for this very site. She moved on from FishbowlNY to help launch Mediaite and then, starting in the fall of 2010 through 2012, was a media editor at Business Insider.

But it’s what followed that is the focus of MacNicol’s article in Elle. Burned out in 2012, she took a break from the career ladder and by doing so, threw the Manhattan cognoscenti for a loop:

[At] a cocktail party, book release or business dinner, I would tell people who inquired (and they always did. I live in New York City, where what you do comes after your name but before your real estate vitae) that I did nothing. Then I would step back and, with a sort of perverse satisfaction, watch them squirm. It turns out folks don’t really know what to do with people who are so nakedly unambitious. It was a little bit like I was inviting them to my funeral. For a long while, this little party trick was my favorite part about going out.

MacNicol’s search for life balance continues. For example, earlier this year, she decided to delete her Instagram account. In the Elle article comments, candid reactions are being shared:

Stephen Pizzo: I too was a journalist… though most of my journalism career was spent during pre-Internet times. Fortunately I burned out in 2001 at the end of my career, rather than in middle. I truly feel sorry for those just starting in a newsroom. It’s a treadmill that speeds up every day, more and more, until you drop from mental and emotional exhaustion.

Colleen Bailey: I fear that I have reached true burnout. I hate the thought of going to work. I cry on the drive home and sometimes on the way to work. I am a professional; spent the last 27 years trying to balance career and family. Kids are grown and out of the house. Find myself wondering if I can make it through the next 4-5 years until I can qualify for early retirement.

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