Glympse Lets You Share Your Location With Friends

Meeting friends for dinner and you want to privately share the whereabouts without having to text, email or call? Check out Glympse.

The new app uses your GPS coordinates and lets you share your location to anyone you choose, selecting how long you plan to stay in that location. It’s quicker than writing a text and explaining that you got stuck in traffic and are 15 minutes away from the restaurant. Send a glmpse and your friend can follow your coordinates on a map. You can set a timer too, so that you can share how long it’ll take you to get there or how long you’ll be there once you arrive.  

Your friends don’t have to use Glympse, it will send the message directly to their phone or email, as you like. You can even use it to update your location through Facebook, Twitter of Google Glass, if you like.

Check it out:

 Glympse is a mobile service that allows GPS-enabled mobile phone users to share their location via a Web-based map for a pre-set period of time with anyone they choose. With Glympse, you are in complete control – you choose WHO you want to see your location, WHEN and for HOW LONG.