Glu Mobile’s Deer Hunter reloaded made over $720k on iOS in June

Glu Mobile’s second quarter financial results prove just how much money there is to be made on iOS, even without a “top grossing” game. In June Glu’s game Deer Hunter Reloaded made over $720,000 between the iPhone and the iPad, even though the game got no higher than No. 35 on the top grossing iPhone app charts and No. 23 on the top grossing iPad app charts.

As part of its latest set of earnings slides, Glu provided its June 2012 conversion metrics for some of its English iOS apps, excluding purchases made through jailbroken or hacked devices.

Glu’s game Deer Hunter: Reloaded was its most popular app for the month, racking up 271,000 daily active users on iOS and an average revenue per daily active user (ARPDAU) of 8.9 cents. Multiplying the game’s DAU by its ARPDAU means Deer Hunter: Reloaded made approximately $24,119 dollars a day on iOS. Multiply that figure by 30 and you arrive at $723,570 for the entire month.

Deer Hunter: Reloaded’s performance on the top grossing iOS app charts in June. The red line indicated chart position on the top grossing iPad app chart, and the blue line is chart position on the top grossing iPhone app chart. 

[That’s very interesting because according to our traffic tracking service AppData, during June Deer Hunter Reloaded’s highest rank on the top grossing iPhone app chart was no higher than No. 23 on the iPad.

Although its important to remember these figures don’t provide a complete picture of the title’s performance — they omit non-english speaking revenues and Android revenue altogether — they are an excellent indicator of how quickly the iOS market is growing. From Glu’s numbers we now now its possible to earn almost $750,000 a month just by having a game maintain a steady rank in the top 100 of the top grossing app charts.