Glu Mobile Launches Tap Sports Baseball on Mobile

Glu Mobile has announced the launch of Tap Sports Baseball on iOS and Android devices. The game was built for both casual and hardcore baseball fans, and includes the names and numbers of real-world baseball superstars, thanks to a partnership with the Major League Baseball Players Association.

vpVenrot_Q0Br7YZEGdlbDj1tnx2kK6ROmhPYpcYrhkIn Tap Sports Baseball, players complete asynchronous multiplayer games with other real-world players. Controls are based on a single tap, which sees the batter swing at a pitch. Players can also use a bit of strategy, choosing to bunt at the next pitch, instead of swing as normal. Users can also tell their players to steal bases (or at least attempt to), when they think the timing is right. Like a real game of baseball, a player’s turn continues until they eventually reach three outs.

Players earn free currency after each inning, and can spend that money on building their team. This includes drafting new players, each of which has his own stats, or upgrading specific aspects of the team’s offensive and defensive capabilities. For offense, players can upgrade the team’s ability to successfully steal bases or increase the number of base hits likely per inning, as examples. For defense, users can purchase upgrades that increase the team’s ability to block players looking to steal bases, upgrades to reduce infield or outfield errors and more.

While players are welcome to challenge strangers to play, users can also connect to their Facebook accounts to invite real friends to a game. Users can also invite gamers with their email addresses or in-game nicknames.

Tap Sports Baseball is available to download for free on iTunes and Google Play.