Glu Mobile enters the card battle arena with Gang Lords on mobile

Image via Glu Mobile

Glu Mobile has announced its entry into the card-battle genre on mobile with Gang Lords on iOS. The game sees players taking the role of powerful crime lord, controlling a gang of mobsters that can be sent into battle against rival organizations. The game offers both a single-player story mode, as well as cooperative opportunities and light social play.

Gang Lords separates gangsters into five color-coded factions and asks players to combine those criminals into the best gang possible before taking them into combat. Colors act as elements, with each one being strongest and weakest against one other color. Blue gangsters are strongest against red gangsters, but weakest against green ones, as an example.

Combat in Gang Lords is turn-based, allowing users to attack enemy cards, force units into cover to protect them from oncoming attacks, or place them in support roles for more powerful cards. Players earn cash and items as they continue to play, and can also capture enemy gang members at the end of combat. Cards can be upgraded by spending duplicate or otherwise less valuable cards, and units can eventually be evolved into something much more powerful.

Image via Glu Mobile

The game’s social play allows users to compare their progress with others on the in-game leaderboards, as well as invite other players to aid them in a particular battle. Like many similar games, Glu plans to support Gang Lords going forward with limited time events that can be completed to earn especially rare items.

Gang Lords is now available to download for free on iOS. Check back soon to follow the game on AppData, our tracking service for mobile and social apps and developers.