GlobalGrind Launches Facebook Connect Integration

GlobalGrind, the hip-hop news aggregator and community, will be announcing tomorrow integration with Facebook Connect. The service which is now available via the GlobalGrind login page imports your photo, birth date, and gender to quickly create an account. The service also lets you invite your friends to GlobalGrind using the Facebook invitation form.

Be warned though, if you have a lot of friends on Facebook, the invitation page can quickly freeze your browser temporarily as the invitation form attempts to parse your friend details. Aside from that, integration was pretty flawless and I am now a GlobalGrind/Connect user. You can proceed to “grind” articles as well as comment on them the same way you would of had you registered for the site.

I used the service to find this entertaining video of a man flinging his baby around … pretty entertaining if not slightly concerning. The site has been slowly growing in popularity slowly over the past few months and it will be interesting to see if integrating Connect will help speed things up.

As launch partners get Facebook Connect integrated, and Facebook prepares to launch all the features, including news feed integration, it will be exciting to see the impact that the service has on participating sites. For now, we’ll have to wait and see!

Global Grind/Connect Screenshot

Global Grind/Connect Screenshot 2

Global Grind/Connect Screenshot 3