Global Virus Network’s ‘Annual Fundraising Event’ At Cafe Milano

Dr. Robert Gallo speaking at Cafe Milano. Courtesy of Collin Weinberger.

With the announcement of TIME Magazine‘s Person of the Year honor going to ‘Ebola Fighters’ (justly beating out another global parasite, Vladimir Putin), virologists are finally getting some of the recognition they deserve.

Last night at the “Annual Fundraising Event” for the Global Virus Network (GVN), an intimate gathering of top scientists, humanitarians, lawyers, and businesspeople met to discuss current and future responses to global epidemics like ebola.

Hosted at the Georgetown landmark, Cafe Milano, by the restaurant’s owner and member of the GVN Board of Directors Franco Nuschese, the evening was lovely even with its more serious tone — filled with delicious food and superb Italian wine (per usual for Cafe Milano).

Speeches from GVN President, Dr. Sharon Hrynkow, GVN Co-Founder & Scientific Director, Dr. Robert GalloTimothy Moynahan, Chairman of GVN Board of Directors, and one of GVN’s leading Ebola scientists, Dr. Erica Ollmann Saphire, all highlighted the themes of the night: diligence and vigilance — by continuing the fight against epidemics at their source and maintaining a high level of preparedness.  For GVN, preparedness means making sure that great virologists are in place in every country, since no one knows where or when the next outbreak of a major viral killer will occur.

The importance of their work cannot be emphasized enough. It was an honor to attend.

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