Global Tablet Use To Surpass 780M In 2016

Tablet adoption will continue to soar over the next four years, according to a new report from the British company Strategy Analytics. The report, called Global Tablet Installed Base Forecast by Country, predicts that 780 million people will own tablets by 2016.

Earlier this month, Google began shipping its new $199 tablet, and rumors are circulating that Apple will release a mini-iPad and that Amazon will release a number of different sized Kindle Fire tablets. Matthew McKee, an analyst at Strategy Analytics says that cheaper tablets entering the market will only help this increase in adoption rates. He stated: “Since the introduction of the iPad, the tablet market has shown hyperbolic growth rate.  Yet, many households remain tablet-less. Price erosion in the premium and high tier segments, as well as the availability of a number of smaller, lower cost tablets, like the Kindle Fire and Nexus 7, will drive further sales.”

According to the Strategy Analytics report, the Asia Pacific region will account for a quarter global tablet sales by 2016, which will make it the largest tablet owning region just ahead of North America. Within this region, China, India and Japan will dominate with 76 percent of the market.

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