Glipho Helps Bloggers Find Readers

Looking to get new readers for your blog? Check out Glipho. The social blogging platform wants to help writers connect with new readers. Like WordPress, you can use the Glipho platform to write and publish blog posts through an online dashboard. The platform is designed to make it easy to share your content to your social audiences, as you can set it up to autotweet your posts on your behalf across various social networks.

Readers can access this content and as they browse around for new blog stories. Readers can curate their profiles to read content based on a specific topic or they can follow specific readers. Like Digg or Reddit, content on Glipho is ranked by and highlighted by users.

Here is more about Glipho from the site: “We want to be the network where you publish your words and express your views. The place which helps you take advantage of all the other networks to create better content, and where you can reach and interact with an even bigger audience.”