Glenn Mulcaire to Reveal Who Ordered Phone Hacking?

Court could force private investigator to name names

Glenn Mulcaire, the private investigator who was arrested for illegally hacking phones while working for News of the World, is embroiled in several different legal battles related to the scandalincluding one of his own against the tabloid's parent company, News Corp.and could be forced to make a major revelation about the hacking affair in the upcoming week.

In a lawsuit filed against News Corp. on Wednesday, Mulcaire claimed that the company breached contract when it stopped paying his legal fees. According to Mulcaire, the company agreed in June 2010 to compensate him for any legal costs and damages, but broke that agreement last month. News International, the News Corp. subsidiary that owned the now-defunct News of the World, said that Mulcaire's claim would be “vigorously contested.”

Meanwhile, Mulcaire could soon be forced to reveal who was behind the phone hacking of several high-profile figures thanks to a lawsuit led by actor Steve Coogan. The Guardian is reporting that Mulcaire has lost an attempt to appeal a court order forcing him to identify who instructed him to hack the phones at the News of the World.

In February, Coogan's lawyers argued that if it were proved that the tabloid had instructed Mulcaire to tap into the phones of the six people—including model Elle MacPherson, Liberal Democrat deputy leader Simon Hughes, and former Professional Footballers Association head Gordon Taylor—it would show that the hacking was taking place at an “industrial scale,” says the Guardian. In 2006, Mulcaire admitted to having targeted five of the six.

Having lost his last appeal against Coogan's legal team, Mulcaire is due to divulge who ordered him to hack those phones by the end of next week. But the person behind the hacking of Coogan’s own phone will remain a mystery for the time being.

In a statement, the actor said, “Whilst I am pleased with this latest development I remain frustrated by Mr. Mulcaire's refusal to answer questions about who authorized him to unlawfully access my voicemail messages and will continue to press for these answers.”

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