Glenn Greenwald Skype Interview is Right in NSA’s Wheelhouse

NoPlacetoHide_CoverAhead of tonight’s book event in Seattle, journalist Glenn Greenwald did a Skype interview from Rio de Janeiro with alt-weekly The Stranger. Kudos to associate editor Eli Sanders for the clever first question, and to Greenwald for the hilariously upsetting answer.

So, I’m making this call on Skype. How much could the NSA know about me just based on the medium I’m calling you through?

Oh, they’re completely in the system of Skype. I mean, they have virtually unfettered reign over Skype calls. Actually, one of the most interesting stories we did was about how easily Microsoft cooperated with the NSA to make sure that they had full reign with Skype.

A startled Sanders followed with the remark, “So they could be listening to us right now?” Greenwald replied yes, although “theoritically” the NSA would need a warrant.

And when Sanders double checked with Greenwald that it was OK to record the Skype conversation for journalistic purposes, Greenwald exclaimed “You might as well join the party.” GG FT(recorded)W!

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