Glendale News-Press Plagiarist Now Blogging for Patch

This past September, Glendale News-Press columnist Dan Kimber was caught plagiarizing passages from an OtherWords column by Sam Pizzigati. Kimber fessed up and his column was dropped. In the month that followed, the News-Press reviewed all of Kimber’s old columns and found that 20 percent contained elements of plagiarism.

So that’s the end of that, right? Kimber’s columnist days are over?

Apparently not. As of today Kimber will now be blogging for Montrose Patch. Montrose Patch editor Nicole Charky attempts to explain the decision.

The reason is pretty simple: Patch is a forum for the entire community.

We need to make clear that we make a distinction between blogs on Patch and articles.

Patch articles are written by trained and paid journalists. Articles are subject to journalistic standards of accuracy, fairness, originality and ethics and are edited to conform to those standards. We own them and we are responsible for them.

By contrast, blogs are submitted by unpaid volunteers who are community members. Some are writers, but the majority are simply residents with something to say. We invite all to blog, but we don’t tell you what to say. We don’t edit what you write. Bloggers own their blogs. They are responsible for what’s in them, and they are free to say what they like. Patch simply provides a platform.

That said, we are aware of what Kimber did. But on Patch, Kimber will be a blogger, not a journalist working for Patch. Since he is a member of the community, we are affording him–as we would anyone–the opportunity to offer his point of view.

That said, we hope he doesn’t plagiarize anyone…


No words can properly express our exasperation. We’ll let Jackie handle things.