Glasser Takes Over at Outlook

glasserbaker.jpgAdd another name to the Post’s Harvard leadership cabal. The paper’s former Moscow co-bureau chief, Susan B. Glasser, will take over the first five pages of the Outlook section, the paper announced today. Glasser, who now reports on terrorism, was co-author of last year’s “Kremlin Rising: Vladimir Putin’s Russia and the End of Revolution,” which she co-authored with her husband and current WP White House scribe Peter Baker (pictured together left).

“Glasser, 36, joined The Post in 1998. She was a deputy national editor and national political reporter before going to Moscow in 2001. While based there, she also reported from Afghanistan, Pakistan, Iraq and Central Asia. She returned to Washington last year, writing mainly about terrorism but also about the government’s muddled response to Hurricane Katrina,” the paper said today.

“Outlook is one of the great pieces of real estate in the Sunday Washington Post, with a real storied tradition of helping shape the Washington conversation,” Glasser said. “What I would hope to do is build on that and think of lots of exciting and interesting ways to update it for an Internet era when opinions and controversy have become the currency but reasoned commentary and analysis are sometimes missing from that new digital equation.”