Glass on Droid Screen No Ordinary Glass-It is Corning Gorilla Glass

YouTube video courtesy of CoringIncorporated

There are two things I think when I look at my Droid’s screen:

1. Wow, that’s a nice clear display.
2. I wish it was not such a fingerprint magnet.

However, it turns out there is much more to the display than that. tells us all about the Corning Gorilla glass used fro the Droid’s screen that makes it a stronger glass than displays on other gadgets…

The science behind stronger display glass on your phone, computer

I had a little flashback to the Star Trek IV movie when I read that Gorilla glass is an aluminum-composite (“Scotty” went back to the 20th century and showed the “inventor” of transparent aluminum how to make super strong glass?).

Corning Gorilla Glass product page