Glaser Speaks! Scher Blasts Back! It’s a Graphic Design Battle of the Sexes!

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You know that we closely follow the most heated design-and-gender debates, just for you, dear readers, just for you. If you haven’t checked in with the Y: No Women? comment explosion over at DO, we suggest you take a few minutes to peruse some of the highlights:

Lorraine Wild says that designers might have already had their big brush with superstardom, and it ain’t pretty.

Someone’s blaming it on genitalia.

Michael Bierut drives a mini van.

Bernard Pez says it’s a New York thing.

Paula Scher admits that being the only woman on panels for many years may have made her a celebrity, but reminds us once again that it’s not about babies.

DesignMaven wants to take this outside.

But ya can’t beat Uncle Milty for pure wit:

There is a nasty and vindictive tonality to some of these postings that makes me wonder about the state of our profession. Paula Scher suggests that I should have been eliminated from the panel and replaced by an articulate woman, who happens to be one of her close friends. In retrospect, that would have been an excellent idea, but in the current atmosphere, she could be charged with discrimination against the elderly.