Glamour’s Newsstand Woes

Condé Nast hopes that a notorious cover girl can rescue sales

Facing a big drop in sales, Condé Nast’s Glamour magazine has had a rough start to the year, says Women’s Wear Daily. According to data from the Audit Bureau of Circulations Rapid Report, the magazine has fallen 17 percent in newsstand sales through the first four months of 2011—which means a loss of about $1.5 million. It’s especially bad news for Condé since Glamour is usually its best selling title on the newsstand.

Glamour editor Cindi Lieve said that the drop in sales is “no secret” and that her editorial team is “1,000 percent focused on it,” having had a big off-site meeting to discuss the problem. “We are a huge magazine and we’re a huge business,” she added. “But let’s be honest, you don’t stay on top without turning up the heat occasionally. Right now, it’s all about the newsstand.”

Lieve said that there’s been a lot of focus on choosing the right covers for the magazine. “A girl has 1.7 seconds at the newsstand to make her decision about your magazine,” she said. “Are we using that 1.7 seconds as well as we should? If we need to do that more ferociously and with different people and different topics, then we will.”

Last year, Glamour had its best selling issue in June with Lauren Conrad on the cover. The magazine is hoping that the July issue, starring Blake Lively, will get the same results. “If you look at what works for us, it’s not the same stuff that used to work for us,” said Leive. “My top seller of last year was Lauren Conrad. My top seller this year is Kim Kardashian. Although I have hopes that Blake Lively’s nude picture scandal will put her over the edge. Just kidding, Blake.”