Glamour Realizes It’s Not Vice | Did The Times Mangle Gossip Book Story? | ESPN’s Mobile Failure | Mets Lose, Deadspin Happy

  • ESPN’s Mobile Failure: Worse than we thought. [BusinessWeek]
  • Did The Times: Get story about Jared Paul Stern‘s book deal wrong? [Eat The Press]
  • Marie Claire: Scores Lynndie England jailhouse interview. [ETP]
  • Glamour: Realizes it’s not Vice, listens to blogger criticism of ‘Don’tspotting’ Web feature. [WWD]
  • Happy Birthday: Ipod. [CNN Money]
  • Despite ‘The Catch’: The Mets lost 3-1 last night to the Cardinals, making many a Met fan sad and a young boy with a popular sports blog very happy. [Deadspin]