Glamour Readies iPad Edition

Another big magazine is prepping a version for the Apple iPad tablet—and this time, it’s a woman’s title, Glamour.
Most of the big titles that are pushing their magazines toward the iPhone and iPad, like GQ, Esquire and Wired, are aimed at technology-loving guys. Condé Nast has already said Wired, GQ and Vanity Fair would likely be its first titles first to launch versions for the much-anticipated iPad. Glamour, along with The New Yorker, is expected to follow close behind.
A company spokeperson wouldn’t comment on the iPad plans, although company sources confirmed the lineup.
Condé Nast has been vocal, however, about its work with Adobe to build a magazine application for the iPad, starting with Wired. Wired has begun showing around a media kit for that version to potential clients. The kit lays out the interactive features that advertisers could take advantage of like Web linking and 360-degree views of products, but it did not include pricing details, according to a buyer who has seen it.
It’s unclear if the other Condé Nast titles’ iPad versions will be built on the Adobe platform as Wired’s is or if they’ll retrofit existing iPhone apps for the larger iPad screen.
With those five titles, Condé Nast would be putting forth a group that represents the range of its magazine portfolio, including male, female and dual-audience.
Most of those titles already have a strong digital presence, which has implications for their ability to build the scale needed to attract advertisers to their digital versions. If the initial downloads for the handful of magazines’ iPhone app versions already out there are any indication, the audience for magazine reading on the iPad won’t be big to start with., under editor Cindi Leive, has become a digital success story at the company, with a blog-driven approach that’s led to strong traffic growth in the past year. With a big, youthful print and online audience, Glamour potentially could attract a relatively big number of users on the iPad.
As for The New Yorker, it already has experience with e-readers, with its Amazon Kindle edition. The New Yorker wouldn’t release sales numbers, but has said it’s regularly a top magazine seller on the Kindle.