Glamour iPad App Allows Instant Shopping Experience

Spotted: Condé Nast and GAP, mingling together in a reality series made for the Glamour iPad app, called Glamour Girls. Obviously a direct rip-off of Gossip Girl, the series is about much more than rich kids with too much hair: It’s about allowing consumers to instantly purchase clothes featured on the show from

Jeremy Peters says that each of the four Glamour Girls episodes is about 10 minutes long and incorporated with the “shop the looks” feature. William J. Wackermann, Senior Vice President and Publishing Director for Condé Nast says that the unique experience will be worth it, explaining, “This is cracking the code — finding a way to integrate products organically in the storytelling and actually having it be of value to the reader.”

It’s definitely a smart move by Condé Nast to try this, but the danger here is that the show is so cheesy consumers turn it off.

Just how much effort did Condé put into ensuring that doesn’t happen? That’s one secret we’ll never tell. You know you love us. XOXO, FishbowlNY.