Glam Media Debuts FoodieTV App

FoodieTV iPadGlam Media is out with a new app to whet foodies’ appetites. The FoodieTV app for iOS  serves up five videos every week, each showcasing a new city, food craft or chef. It’s part travel app, part food porn. Don’t expect recipes, but don’t worry, you’ll still be looking at plenty of drool-worthy grub.

FoodieTV introduces its audience to goat farmers, beer brewers, shepherds, street vendors and tea- and chocolate-makers from around the world — all via videos. The beautifully shot videos seem to average around three minutes long, but can go up to nearly 10. Given the preference lately for super short, micro videos, those on FoodieTV seem almost luxurious, like you’re settling in for a good book — or at least a long-form article.

The free app runs videos from a variety of producers. That variety means the videos don’t necessarily all have a cohesive feel, but they do offer watchers a diverse list of locales, people and food. Each set of five weekly videos are listed as an “episode” and are accessible* on the app for watching later.

Glam runs (among many other sites) and released the “Foodie Top 100 Restaurants” guidebook earlier this year.

*An earlier version of this post described the episodes as “stored” on the app. They are, of course, not stored but streamed via the app.