Gladstone On Lehrer On ”Off-The-Record”


On The Media’s host and managing editor Brooke Gladstone stopped by WNYC’s Brian Lehrer Show this morning to talk about the meaning of the journalistically-sacrosanct term ”off the record” and how it pertains to the Samantha Power resignation story by Scotsman reporter Gerri Peev. ”Off the record is a really tricky one and I think it behooves every reporter to let the subject understand what you think it means,” Gladstone began. She continued, later, ”I think most people understand that off the record means that ‘you can’t use this information as I have supplied it to you.”’


Brian Lehrer: Off the record is somehow like you can’t use this unless you get it from someone else.

Brooke Gladstone: Yes.

When asked is she would have run with the story, Gladstone responded, ”my most ethical self would have understood that this was a meaningless phrase that didn’t further the cause of human understanding.”

(image via goodmagazine)