GLAAD Pitches CBS on Transgender Issues

Scott Roberts, editor of the LGBT-focused UK website Pink News, was recently in New York. During his visit, he sat down with GLAAD’s head of public communications Rich Ferraro and director of news and faith initiatives Ross Murray for a very enlightening conversation.

Many topics were covered. Including GLAAD’s efforts in Hollywood to make the TV networks and studios more receptive to the inclusion of transgender characters and storylines:

“We recently met with the president of CBS Entertainment to talk about the transgender community, which is nearly invisible on CBS, and on many of the other networks,” said Ferraro. “When trans people are included they often the victims of crimes or the butt of jokes and anti-transgender slurs.”

“What we did for CBS was to put together a presentation, that was very well received by CBS, on why the trans community is worthy of inclusion, why their stories are powerful, and what some of their stories could look like on some of their shows.”

Ferraro also urged CBS to consider putting a transgender individual on Survivor, a show that has featured a number of gay contestants. Read the full Pink News article here.