Gizmodo Previews T-Mobile G2 (HTC Magic US) Android Smartphone

YouTube video courtesy of Android Community/SlashGear

Here’s another interesting item from Gizmodo…

T-Mobile G2 (Google Ion) Review: Most Improved Award

The T-Mobile G1 was the first phone based on Google Android and can probably considered, at the very least, a modest success despite launching with the smallest of the major U.S. wireless carriers (T-Mobile) and having a number of shortcomings such as poor battery life and the inability to install more than a two dozen or so major applications before running out of system storage (you can’t install apps to the external flash storage card).

HTC released the follow-up HTC Magic Android-based smartphone in Europe and it will probably be released as the T-Mobile G2 in the U.S. You can see HTC’s Eric Lin demonstrating the Magic in the video embedded above to get an idea of what the G2/Magic is like.

As I said in the past, it is an attractive looking unit that holds absolutely no interest for me because of its lack of a physical QWERTY thumb keyboard (which the G1 has). I’m also disappointed that the G2 has a navigation nub instead of the G1’s mini-trackball. The mini-trackball had a few issues. But, I’m sure a bit of re-engineering would have resolved them and produced a really great mobile navigation control.