Gawker Media Ad Paints Accurate Blogging Picture

It’s not so much the words that caught our eye in this NYC editorial fellow job ad, though some of those are notable as well. It’s the image that sits above the Gizmodo/Gawker job description.

Even the fact that the pop culture references are crossed – this is sort of Charles Dickens meets the Dead End Kids – is somewhat perfect, because today, so much of entry-level blogging demands that. If you’re going to make it in never-ending-deadline-Town, hopscotching from one clever reference to the next is a must. When necessary, in other words, lose the “Oliver” and ratchet up the “Twist.”

Who knows? If the selected candidate is lucky, the shoveling of digital coal at Gizmodo may occasionally lead to the kind of Web traffic diamond that select massive networks like Gawker Media are able to fashion.

The deadline to apply is Friday November 15, but don’t bother unless you’re willing to put forth dedication with a capital “D.” As that passage of the ad explains – “It’s, like, intense here.”