Giving a Name to Your…Whatever It Is


By way of Mr. Rutledge, we found this great piece from Vitamin, “How to Name Your Company,” a feature by Michael McDerment about just that, naming your company. And it’s much more thorough and interesting than you may initially think. But beyond just the info, it’s a great snapshot into the world of the people who come up with such things. Having worked in that industry the past couple of years, landing the names for a few things here and there, this writer has first hand knowledge of what a challenge it can be. Just one of those things, unless you’re involved in it, you really wouldn’t have much of an idea of what kind of work goes into it. So bravo, Vitamin! Here was our favorite part:

Secret weapon: The New York Times “Crossword Puzzle Dictionary.” It’s like an uber thesaurus and it lists words by length. Since you probably want short one-syllable words, this thing is worth its weight in gold.