Give Your Colleague A "Hardest Worker" Badge with Talentag for Facebook

talentag logoWhile sharing virtual drinks and turning friends into vampires might’ve been the thing to do on Facebook a year or two ago, the makers behind the new Talentag app hope people are looking for more cordial exchanges. The idea behind Talentag is simple: give your friends and coworkers the kudos they deserve with special badges on their Facebook profile. Think your best friend is the Best Entrepreneur? Or is your coworker a great Team Player? Let them (and all of their friends) know with Talentag.

Andrus Purde, co-founder of Talentag, calls this the “first step in ‘fitting LinkedIn into Facebook’.” Talentag uses bright badges with fun, colorful graphics and simple text as visual representations of what they hope will become career-boosting kudos. According to the app’s landing page, a Talentag badge is earned, not simply given. And it’s this sense of merit that its creators hope will make the app the first step in bringing a useful LinkedIn-like side to Facebook.


There’s always the chance that this app will go the way of the spammy virtual badges like Pass a Drink. But if the app is used as it’s intended, it could be a nice, quick way to see where your strengths are and to let friends and coworkers know theirs. Wouldn’t it be nice to wake up and see that your project manager thinks you’re ultra Creative?

So do you have someone in your life you’d like to give a small, virtual pat on the back to?