Give the Gift of Music with gBox Wishlist Widget

If you are one of those who are currently on a rush to get some last minute shopping for the holiday season, you might want to consider gBox’s Wishlist. Gbox Wishlist is an innovative service that lets you buy and receive music on social networks and other internet venues. Giving digital music as a holiday present is the most convenient gift anyone could give their family and friends, especially now that digital music downloading is a big thing on the web.

gboxwishlist.jpgThe gBox Wishlist which has just released version 2.0 of its wishlist widget, covers million digital tracks from major labels such as Universal Music Group, Sony BMG, IODA among many other music labels. And since the gBox Wishlist is a widget you can append the widget to your social networking profile. So when your friends or relatives saw your gBox Wishlist and decides to grant your wish, they could just click on the link in the widget and they will be brought to a URL where they can purchase the music tracks for you. Sounds neat, eh?

The gBox Wishlist widget is currently available as an application to and is included as a Widget menu on Friendster. But to get you started, you might want to create your own gBox widget directly from the gBox site.

To get you started with using gBox Wishlist, just do the following steps:

  • search or browse for your favorite music,
  • click “WISH” to add the selected music into your gBox wishlist,
  • register or login to save your wishlist,
  • add gbox widget to your profile,
  • get gifts by clicking on download

The gBox widgets are colorful and fun to use. It doesn’t only fulfill your digital music wish list but it also adds some spice into your social networking profiles, blogs and other online visibility portals.