It’s Time To Give Your Followers A Wedgie

Some followers just get right up in there like sand at the beach, don’t they? And we’re guessing (if you’re reading this post) that you’d like to give those folks a dose of elementary school-style medicine some days.

Well, that’s a little sick and not at ALL what we’re talking about here. We’re talking about creating surveys. Obviously.

What is a Wedgie, you ask?

“A wedgie is a simple survey to share with friends anywhere you can copy and paste. One question, two answers, and as many votes as you can tally up.”

Here’s an example:

Creating a wedgie is easy. You just think of question and two answers, like I did below:

And then you can copy and paste the text anywhere you want to share it really – or if you’ve linked your Twitter or Facebook you can share it that way:

And then you can check back to see your results!

If you want, you can participate in this survey by clicking the appropriate link below. I’m really curious about the results now. Don’t worry, it’s anonymous!

Do you read everything you retweet? Choose One: Always or Nope, but don’t tell anybody

But why is it called a wedgie? We don’t know – we tried @asking them a little while ago, but they must have been busy creating new wedgies. We could have waited for their reply before posting, but it’s not every day that one gets to write about wedgies and if someone else posted first, then our wedgie would be less unexpected. And everyone knows the best thing about wedgies are their unexpectedness. And saying the word wedgie. Wedgie.

We expect these Wedgie-creators will share the reason for the name in the comments, but let’s guess until then – shall we? Why do YOU think they’re called wedgies? And will you be giving your followers a wedgie any time soon? Tell us about it!

(Man with wedgie image from Shutterstock)