Giuseppe Lignano Sleeps In A Closet And That Made For Funny Cocktail Party Chatter


Years and years ago we saw Giuseppe Lignano and his partner-in-architecture Ada Tolla (who work together as Lot\ek) give a presentation that involved many uses of the word “detritus.” Which we, being ginormous Terry Pratchett fans, loved. Then we met him last week at that Dutch thing. And then we saw him again, last night. And then we saw his studio, which he and Tolla renovated, in the pages of the New York Times magazine.

Apparently the architect, who is “as resourceful as a Depression-era housewife,” did not have enough space for a bed.

The biggest problem that Lignano had to solve was the same dilemma faced by anyone who moves into a studio apartment: Where to put the bed? “It was certainly a big issue,” he recalls. “I wanted a living area where I could entertain and a small space to work, but if you have a studio and you put a bed in the middle of it, you’re done. You end up living in a bedroom.”

So he did what any reasonable man does and put himself in the closet.

Lignano’s solution was to cut off two feet from the bottom of the doors to the sizable closet–the apartment’s largest asset–so that his bed could partly fit inside and be concealed to become part of the sofa once the doors are closed.

Giuseppe, last night:

“Every morning I come out of the closet. And every night I go back in!”