Gisele Bundchen Gets Naked for Mert & Marcus

How do you top a topless Rihanna flaunting nipple rings? If you’re the editors of French adult magazine Lui, the cover-answer is Madame Tom Brady.

The stunning photo above and additional article images are the work of famed fashion photographer duo Mert & Marcus (a.k.a. Mert Alas and Marcus Piggott). A few years ago, The New Yorker published a memorable “Letter from Ibiza” involving the pair:

Off the southwestern shore of the Spanish island of Ibiza, a hump of limestone rises more than twelve hundred feet out of the sea. It is called Es Vedrà and is said to possess extraordinary powers…

Es Vedrà is also the centerpiece of the view from the terrace of a house on Ibiza that belongs to the fashion photographers Mert Alas and Marcus Piggott. Mert and Marcus, as they are known (Mert is pronounced “Matt”), live and work in a whitewashed ten-bedroom Moorish villa situated on a promontory overlooking the Mediterranean. After sharing an apartment in London for seven years, they bought the house last fall and have been using it since then as a photography studio and base of operations, a mini-Cinecittà. It is called Palacio de Salomon and is supposedly built along the lines of Solomon’s palace in Jerusalem.

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