Drudge Links Fuel Judd Apatow/Girls/TCA Incident Debate

DrugeGirlsThe only thing better for a Web outlet item than a Drudge Report link is a Drudge Report double-link. As the Miami muckracker and his cohorts sometimes like to do, EW‘s pick-up of a weird incident yesterday at the TCA Winter Session in Pasadena is today basking in the flow of a double Fedora tip. And per usual, the reader comments at the linked end are piling up fast and furiously.

There were well over 2,000 comments at press time below the EW item. We obviously didn’t have time to go through them all, but of the first few hundred scanned, below are a pair of the more cogent observations. Short incident summary: At Thursday’s TCA HBO session, TheWrap’s Tim Molloy wondered what the point of Lena Dunham‘s constant nudity in Girls was and when he asked a well-worded question to that effect, Judd Apatow came to the show star’s very protective defense, from the stage (alongside fellow executive producers Dunham, Jenni Konner) and then afterwards with reporters:



This being a Drudge flow, you’ll have to weed through the typical offensive comments about race, sex and religion. Although so far, the EW moderator(s) seem to be doing a good job of filtering out the most rancid comments of that nature.

P.S. Given who Apatow is and, generally, how he likes to operate, there is a *chance* that he is pulling a little on the strings of the reporter and PR process. If so, he has done so with some masterful deadpan.

P.P.S. Though nothing near the EW bonanza, the Drudge linkage and embed in the outside coverage has helped push the comments total at TheWrap end to 100+. [Update: A rep for TheWrap kindly informed that the additional, subsequent comments traffic at their end is coming via social sharing and other sites. We thought there was a link to TheWrap in the EW piece, but there actually is not.]

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