Girl Has Sex With 50 Guys on Facebook

According to Metro UK, a 23 year old girl, Lauren Michaels, set up a group on Facebook called “I Need Sex.” Soon enough 100 men had registered for the group and Laura proceeded to have sex with 50 of them. I’m not quite sure why this girl decided that posting her name publicly was a good idea but apparently she felt comfortable with it. One of the more entertaining components of the article was the following picture that was displayed in the sidebar:

Sex Face

According to the picture, “Men looking for a one-night stand appear more masculine with a squarer jaw and smaller eyes.” For some reason though the two pictures feature are of the same woman. This led me to believe that this article may be nonsense. Apparently Lauren Michael was open to an interview with the news outlet and said that some people may look down on her for her promiscuous behavior but she doesn’t see it that way. “I was satisfying my own desires by setting up the group.”

Since the wild Lauren Michaels sex fest took place, Facebook has removed her page. Honestly, I don’t think it’s a violation of the law. In my opinion this article is completely full of wrong but it definitely grabbed my attention. Do you think this story is real? Are there many other people participating in wild orgies thanks to Facebook?