Girl Crush

Today’s NYT Styles piece on girl-on-girl platonic leurvefests seems to have struck a nerve, at least with one girl I know (you know who you are, crushy!) so I was inspired to do some original reporting and ask, Ladies: whom amongst the sisterhood do you leurve, and why? Please render your breathless replies unto me, preferably with your name attached (let’s face it, it’s far more interesting that way, though of course requests for anonymity will be honored). Don’t be shy, here, I’ll start: Amy Poehler (SNL, UCB, and married to a Canadian – swoon); Sydney Bristow, Air America and Tucker Carlson’s Rachel Maddow (FishbowlNY’s “Situation” posts, explained!), Canadian sister-songbirds Tegan & Sara (brilliant, adorable, witty, cute), Michelle Pfeiffer as Stephanie Zanoni in Grease Two (two words: cool rider), my friend Anastasia, because if you’re going to girl crush, someone named “Anastasia” is probably going to do it for you); and Heather Locklear as Amanda from Melrose Place (cue the Billy domination and the insanely short skirts). I have, I am proud to say, also been the subject of a few girl crushes myself. Being the Head of Drama at Camp Winnebagoe inspires a certain amount of awe, you know.

All right! Now that you’ve been inspired by the woman who dared to spurn Johnny Nogarelli (and I know I will be getting tons of mail on this, mark my words), rock me some of your best and brightest girl-crushes, complete with color commentary and mixtape playlists, until the stroke of midnight on Monday, and all will be revealed on Tuesday. Boys, don’t be jealous, you’ll get your chance to lay some man-crush on us (Hudson Morgan, fire up the belt buckle). But now is the time for the ladies, and the ladies they leurve. With pride, with joy, and with wild abandon, let us celebrate them – and each other.

Pink Lady Pledge after the jump.

The Pink Lady Pledge:
To act cool
To look cool
And to be cool
‘Til death do us part