Gingrich as the Fat Grinch

Whatever you’re doing, stop. Live Funny or Die has a must-see video this afternoon called “How The Gingrich stole Christmas.”

Some highlights:

1. They turn Callista into a reindeer. Gingrich whips her and off they go to the White House. The whipping is not sexual — she serves as a sleigh.

2. Gingrich manages to stuff himself down the White House chimney like, as they say, “his mother’s vagina.” (They make it all rhyme.) He runs into Malia Obama, who has donned pink footy pj’s. Malia thinks he’s Biden. Gingrich tells her to scram. “She left with a glare,” the narrator says.

3. Gingrich’s big fat pea green stomach in a Grinch costume is too good not to see. They also expand his head — “ten sizes too big.”

Watch here.