Gingee launches cross-platform app development solution


Gingee has announced the launch of its cross-platform app development solution for use on iOS, Android and other mobile devices. The technology aims to help developers create the same app for the thousands of available Android and iOS devices, which run different versions of their specific operating systems. The solution supports development without coding for iOS, all Android versions and devices, Blackberry, the mobile web and more.

Gingee’s platform offers technology inspired by “dragging and dropping,” while the company’s Independent Development Environment (IDE) automatically creates the final high-end programming code. By developing one code to distribute across all platforms, developers using Gingee reduce their time to market, and reduce app development time by 57 percent per OS.

With other cross-platform solutions may allow development for multiple platforms at the same time, the interfaces in those final applications may not be the same on different devices (that is, an app may look and operate differently on iPad and a Samsung Galaxy smartphone). Gingee works to resolve that, with a “proprietary algorithm which analyzes relations between objects and maps them uniformly to all operating systems and devices.”

The technology was tested at a recent Hackathon event, during which 11 applications were written using Gingee’s technology. Many of the participants have never written a line of code. Apps built on the Gingee platform can support hundreds of objects on screen simultaneously without a negative impact on the game or app’s performance.

“We founded Gingee as application developers challenged by the fragmentation of devices, versions and operating systems, looking for a solution for our specific mobile application development pains,” said Gingee CEO & co-founder Roei Livneh. “Today, we’re excited to help mobile application developers by launching the Gingee cross platform application development solution [for] free.”

More information on Gingee’s platform is available on the company’s website.