GimmeShelter’s Little Squares of Good


It’s Tuesday and that means we’ve taken our Flavorpill, which today contained an awesome little project called GimmeShelter. Greg, the founder of GimmeShelter with no last name, was troubled by the number of homeless people he saw outside a luxury high rise in Toronto and vowed to make a difference. He began asking street artists to create work to help the people on the street. The medium is simple: 12′ squares of cardboard, the primary means of comfort and warmth for the homeless. But the organization is now looking for help from people like you, too:

If you’re able and willing, we’re looking for artists to contribute and for galleries (throughout the US, UK, Canada and Europe) who are willing to donate gallery space for a week. We’re trying to find a publisher to print a catalog of the works for sale at the shows and at the end of the “tour” the works will be auctioned via eBay. All proceeds from the shows, the books, and the auction will be distributed to non-denominational charities in each city visited.