The Gillian Anderson Truth is Out There

ShutterstockGillianAndersonTCA2014We know how devoted fans of Gillian Anderson and The X Files are. So if any of you noticed something strange about photos of the actress at last month’s London Evening Standard Theater Awards, where she won Best Actress for her turn as Blanche Dubois in A Streetcar Named Desire, Anderson has the explanation:

“My dress [by British couturier Nicholas Oakwell] was too big and I had to hold it up with my armpits all night. Hence all the pictures of me looking quite grumpy.”

This delightful quote is but one of many to be savored in a write-up by Evening Standard senior feature writer Nick Curtis. Anderson, having sat the night of the awards at a heavyweight table that also featured Benedict Cumberbatch, has since made plans to see The Imitation Game star’s forthcoming Hamlet.

A little later in the piece, Curtis weaves a spectacularly serpentine paragraph detailing what has happened in Anderson’s personal life since she moved to London in 2002. He also reminds of just how incredible a run the actress is on there these days; straight after the Friday end-of-filming of her second set of episodes for BBC’s The Fall, Anderson began rehearsals for her award-winning Tennessee Williams turn the following Monday.

Anderson’s very daringly staged version of Streetcar can only be accommodated by one theater in New York. Which means, she tells Curtis, that we’ll have to wait until at least 2016 to witness this tour-de-force.

[Photo of Anderson at 2014 Winter TCA: Helga Esteb/]

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